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Summer Exploration

We’re on a road trip this Summer, going up the west coast chasing the Sun north. Here is a particularly awesome sunset from Kalaloch Beach in Olympic National Park while we finished up a new painting. We’ll be in the Seattle area for a few weeks checking out what the pacific north west has to offer.

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Mono Amor on ABC’s Nightline


ABC’s Nightline Dan Harris stopped by Full Circle Venice and Sananda Gallery to see what’s going on.

ABC Breaking US News | ABC Politics News

We were happy to share our animated paintings with Dan, and talk a little bit about how they are created in order to share the experience of altered states of consciousness that most people will never get to experience in their adult lives. He asks, “So this is the artist version of an acid trip?” and Nate answers, “Quite literally yes.”


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Sananda Gallery Opening


We are so blessed to have been included in the opening of Sananda Gallery at Full Circle Venice. Our dear friend and amazing curator Liana Sananda’s new gallery in partnership with Full Circle have put together an amazing space and an even greater collection of contemporary and visionary art.

20150404 - Sananda2

Our original paintings are installed there and available for sale. We have a few smaller originals as well that work with our augmented reality app like the larger ones in the temple upstairs.


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Mono Amor Gallery at Gem and Jam Festival 2015

Projection Mapped Paintings at Gem and Jam 2015

We’re finally back in Santa Barbara after a whirlwind through the Southwest that brought us to Tucson for Gem and Jam Festival this past week. What an incredible experience it is to share our animated paintings with our community and to see and hear your reactions. With the help of our friends at Digital Permaculture and the new 20′ dome they built for our gallery space we created the first iteration of Mono Amor Gallery in physical space.

We met some amazing artists and spent as much time as we possibly could with friends from all over the country surrounding one of the most amazing Gem Show’s in the world. During the Tucson Gem Show, the entire city of Tucson is transformed into a Gem, Crystal, Fossil and Mineral bonanza. Gem and Jam Festival sold out Saturday night for the first time in 4 years and was a fury of excitement! We picked up so many new crystals we’re not quite sure what to do with them all yet. You may see something very exciting from us later this week involving crystals and a projector!

Mono Amor Gallery at Gem and Jam 2015

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New Website, Augmented Art App, Original Paintings, and Prints for Sale


We’re excited to announce our new updated website and online store.  In addition to new prints and sticker packs for sale, we’ve created a special augmented art experience to bring the projection mapped paintings home with you on your smart phone or tablet.